Welcome to Unalome Yoga Roatan

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In the tropical jungle of Roatan lies a very special yoga retreat & Ayurveda school...

Unalome Yoga Roatan

Unalome Yoga Roatan is a tropical sanctuary for anyone wanting to look within, connect with nature and practise living yoga.

Offering weekly yoga classes, Ayurvedic retreats, reiki sessions, full moon gatherings, and other special events, Unalome Yoga Roatan is here to be your calm in the storm.

Unalome Tribe

The island of Roatan attracts and combines all types of beautiful people. Here are a few that we're grateful to have within our Unalome Tribe.


Owner, Reiki master, Yoga Instructor

Catlin Harlow follows her dreams and pours her soul into Unalome Yoga Roatan. She creates a beautiful space for her family and all guests to enjoy. Catlin embraced Roatan for all of its craziness and contributes to the community with her trademark positive attitude and quirky sense of humour.


Champion Free Diver, Yoga Instructor

Natalie is currently undergoing her yoga instructor course with Catlin as her guide. This lovely South African free diving champion pushes the limits of possibility in every area of her life. Natalie blesses Unalome Yoga Roatan with her beautiful, gentle soul.

Yoga Retreats

Unalome Yoga Roatan offers single day and weekend retreats designed to bring your attention inward to give your body, mind and spirit the nourishment they need.

Taking your yoga practise into the lush jungle of Roatan allows you to disconnect from the surface level chaos and reconnect with nature, your breath and your spirit.

Whether you have a weekend or just one day to focus on your yoga journey, you will walk back into your world with fresh eyes, a calm mind and a rejuvenated soul. Unalome Yoga Roatan provides the Ayurvedic reset that your body is craving!


The Apartamentito is designed specifically for those needing some rest, relaxation and a heavy dose of beautiful views. Staying in the Apartamentito will immediately feel like coming home.

Community Partners

The community of Roatan is vibrant, crazy, and full of talented beauties! Unalome Yoga Roatan partners with small local businesses that likewise believe in the power of good vibes and natural ingredients. To check out a full list of our partners, head over to Our Tribe.

If you're looking to get away, ground yourself, lift your spirits, boost your health and have a great time doing it, Unalome Yoga Roatan is the place for you. Please contact us with any questions or requests, we are happy to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

The island of Roatan

Unalome Yoga Roatan is located on the largest island of the Bay Islands of Honduras. The tourism sector of Roatan is primarily focused on the beautiful coral reef surrounding the island. However, world-class diving and snorkelling are not the only wonderful things of Roatan! Roatan's culture is incredibly diverse and the natural landscape is breathtaking.

Our international airport receives frequent flights directly from Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami, as well as seasonally from Denver, Minneapolis, Toronto and Montreal.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our special piece of jungle heaven. We hope to be able to share it with you soon!