Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Roatan

On this crazy little lava rock, there are many different places serving up sizzlin’ hot veggie options.

Roatan has come a long way in the last few years in regards to the availability of veggie friendly goodies and we want to share them with you!

Here is a list of some of our favorites, although it is certainly not all that the island has to offer! We love them all equally as they each have their own special mix of goodness, so we’re offering them to you in alphabetical order... Nothin’ but winners in this list!

Buen Provecho!

A. Cafe de Palo

A hidden little gem on the edge of West End road, Cafe de Palo invites you to sit comfortably and look out over the water while sipping on something delicious. A perfect breakfast, brunch, or lunch spot! We highly recommend the Revolution Vegetariana and a Chai Tea Latte to go with.


B. Cafe Escondido

Huevos Sin Huevos- a dish Catlin made up - with crispy corn tortillas, refried beans, breakfast potatoes, sautéed vegetables & fresh salsa; a vegan alternative to the Huevos Rancheros and equally delicious. Coupled with an iced almond milk Caramel latte, Cafe Escondido is the perfect post-yoga brunch spot. Located right above West End Divers on the main road, just head upstairs to find the ‘hidden’ yumminess!


C. Crisp

Located in in Coconut Tree Plaza, Crisp serves up Asian inspired food, fresh pressed juices, smoothies and salads. The chic 90’s throwback interior and awesome playlist make it feel as if you’ve stepped away from island life, for just a moment. We highly recommend 'Bowled This Way' for lunch – the sauce on the crispy tofu is especially amaze-balls!


D. Fresh Cafe & Bakery

Now re-opened under new ownership, Fresh is serving up so many good vegetarian and vegan options on the island. Try the Turmeric Soup with a homemade Mint Lemonade for lunch or stop by and grab a coffee & pastry on the go. Located in Alba Plaza in Sandy Bay, next time you’re driving by we recommend stopping in for something fresh.


E. La Sirena de Camp Bay

Heading out East End and looking for some vegan food? La Sirena offers a veggie version of the traditional island lunch plate! Try their vegan plate of coco rice n’ beans, sautéed island style veggies, plantain chips & a kick ass mutton pepper hot sauce. In an absolutely gorgeous spot, you really can’t go wrong with this one!


F. Marigold

If you’re craving some Indian cuisine, Marigold has you covered... We highly recommend their Veggie Samosas as well as the Vegan Coconut Curry & Basmati Rice. Choose to dine inside or out on their lovely little patio!


G. Mayak Chocolate

Because no food list is complete without chocolate... Mayak Chocolate is an award winning chocolate factory – yup you’re right, just like Willy Wonka! They also offer great coffee and informational tours of the chocolate making process. Unalome had special logo chocolates made at Mayak to take to the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Denver to share a taste of the island from our booth. The Cacao Tea is also a favorite of ours, served during Teacher Trainings at Unalome.


H. Pucker Up Power Up

Vegan meal deliveries on Roatan! Spend more time in the sun and less in the kitchen by stocking your fridge with prepared vegan meals. Vicky offers a variety of options ranging from salads, dips, sweet treats, veggie burgers and so much more. Everything is actually delicious so we suggest that you try whatever you're in the mood for!


I. Richardson Serenity Villas

The vegetarian brunch that follows Tuesday’s Aqua Yoga class is the perfect way to start the day. If the pool noodle madness doesn't do it for you, the yummy food that comes after certainly will!


J. Unalome Yoga Roatan

Last on the list we have our very own Unalome Yoga & Dinner Thursdays. We have to toot our own horn a little bit, hope you don’t mind, since the food that Catlin serves up each Thursday is full vegan and full delicious! Every week is different but it's always a tasty, healthy meal with a fun group of awesome weirdos. And there's dessert too!

So there you have it veg heads - Vegan & Vegetarian food in Roatan! Whether you're full veggie or just love to try new things, we're confident that you can find something pretty delicious at any of these places.

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