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Travelling to Roatan

Travelling internationally can seem like a daunting task, especially with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place. However, you may be surprised to find out that travelling to Roatan has never been easier. With more direct flights and abundant testing available on island - Roatan is the place to be!

Whether you've visited our crazy little island before or if you're preparing for your first trip, we welcome you with open arms and hope you love Roatan as much as we do. The natural beauty alone will astound you as your plane descends to land. Next, the heat and humidity will embrace you and probably make you crave a tasty beverage by the Sea!

Roatan is best known for the Mesoamerican Coral Reef that surrounds the island, making it a scuba divers dream. But Roatan also has so much more to offer than what's below the water. It also has an amazing community, beautiful white sandy beaches, and not that we're biased but is also home to our tranquil Yoga Retreat Center & Ayurvedic School. The powerful energy of the jungle is the best kept secret of Roatan, but we want to share it with you!

First, let's talk about the logistics - flights, testing, etc...

Direct Flights

There are a number of cities in the USA as well as Canada that fly directly into Roatan. Our international airport, Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (RTB) receives flights daily, bringing travellers from all over the world.


While testing has become one more thing we need to prepare before jet setting, it certainly isn't creating any problems for travellers heading back to their home countries. The availability of testing on Roatan correlates nicely to the needs of our visitors. There are a variety of clinics located throughout the island who offer the specific tests to meet your home country's requirements.

Weather / Seasons

The weather and it's seasons on Roatan fall into two categories. Rainy days and Sunny days.

Rainy season runs from October to February - these are considered our winter months. Although, don't let this deter you from coming during these months as it is often scattered showers throughout the day and a lovely cooling rain at night. The rest of the year you will be welcomed with bright sunny days and temperatures averaging 28 C / 82 F. September is the hottest month on the island of Roatan, when our Summer peaks before the rainy season begins.

As Roatan is a tourism focused island, we also have seasons for our visitors. High season runs from December to early June with the rest of the year being considered Low season. Low season is when you will find businesses often offering discounts and deals as there are considerably fewer people travelling at this time. While High season is buzzing with energy, it can be a bit much. Especially at the favorite tourism spots like West Bay Beach and West End Village. If you are looking for a more peaceful trip to the Caribbean, Low season might just be your best bet.

No matter the season, Unalome Yoga Roatan maintains it's peace as a jungle sanctuary for those looking to reconnect with themselves, with nature and with the Universal energies. Stepping into Unalome means stepping out of the crazy, busy, demanding world you normally reside in. Unalome holds the space for the quiet to return, invites the stillness back into the mind and allows you to breathe deep and feel the support of Pacha Mama all around you.


Roatan attracts and welcomes travellers from all walks of life, making the tourist community quite a mixed group of characters. There is never a dull moment within the community of Roatan, even among those who have lived here for 10+ years. The Expat community is larger than most other islands and creates a wonderful variety of beautiful humans to interact with.

On Roatan, you will meet people from all over the world, some just passing through and others laying down roots. Just in our Unalome Tribe alone, we have wonderful people from the USA, Canada, Honduras, South Africa, England, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Greece, Polynesia and the list goes on and on.

There is something quite unique about Roatan that allows all kinds of kinds to feel welcome and loved during their stay. It also makes most travellers not want to leave - perhaps why our expat community is so large...

Full warning - you might just fall in love with our crazy little island of Roatan! Whether you choose to come for a 3 day Unalome Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat or enjoy a relaxing 10 day beach vacation, or a 3 month trip to get your Dive Master certification - you may not want to leave...

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