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Sofia del Castillo is a traveller, dreamer, ocean lover, and yoga instructor from Barcelona, Spain.


As a trained Physiotherapist, Sofia gracefully integrates knowledge of anatomy, physiology and treatment of patients with a spiritual and mystical experience in each of her Vinyasa-Hatha yoga classes. Seven years ago she completed Yoga Teacher Training in Barcelona and followed two years later with another YTT in Dharamsala, India.


In her wanderlust, she has practiced in Asia, Nepal, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Sofia has also taught in New Zealand, México and now in the Caribbean island of Roatan. In Roatan, she is a scuba diving instructor and is eternally grateful and fortunate to mix the passions of diving and Yoga.

Sofía integrates many different meditations, pranayamas, styles of yoga and asanas in her beloved Vinyasa-Hatha classes. Sofía knows her long trip, expansion and wanderlust is infinite and continual. Her commitment as a yoga instructor is to give students many tools to bring wellness, light, love and open the minds and hearts to the magic of life.

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Sofia del Castillo

5 PM Wednesday Vinyasa

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 5pm Wednesday


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