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About Layle

Layle is Australian (born and raised) but lived more than half her life abroad by taking corporate gigs in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Spain. Suspecting she was looking for happiness in all the wrong places, she left the corporate world to travel through Mexico and Central American, finally landing on Roatan.  

She has lived 12 years on this beautiful island, where she has owned/operated several small businesses including an art gallery, restaurant and clothing label.  Her passions include yoga, freediving, gardening, cooking and dog rescuing/training.  She loves sharing the practice of yoga with others and being part of the beautiful Roatan yoga community.

Electro Flow, Lala’s Friday afternoon class, is a 60 minute vinyasa class with emphasis on flow sequencing, finding fluidity and beauty in movement, and exploring the space between asanas.  Paired with a funky electro soundtrack, this class will raise your vibration as you get set to start your weekend.

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Layle Stanton

AKA - Lala


4 PM Friday Electro Flow

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 4pm Friday

Electro Flow

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