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About Isabelle

Isabelle is a Yoga instructor, traveler, Biologist, musician and life enthusiast.


Originally from Montréal Canada, she started attending yoga classes back in her University years, more than 15 years ago. Nomad and traveling for more than 10 years, she has had the opportunity to practice yoga in different studios, centers and Ashrams around the globe.


She completed her Ashtanga Yoga certification in the mountains of Himalayas, in India, back in 2014. Through personal extensive studies, certifications, and personal experiences she feel inspired and called to share her passion for yoga which has greatly impacted her life. She loves seeing the transformative impact it makes on the lives of her students.


She has explored many different types of yoga throughout the years and now teaches a creative flow where she loves to introduce different types of lineages into her classes moving from Chinese medicine to Somatic movement techniques to body awareness tools. Isabelle loves to invite her students to bring their awareness inwards and to connect with all the body’s sensations, connecting to the essence within.

Isabelle is also a musician; she believes in the healing power and transformative power of both yoga and music. Aside from teaching her creative flow, she also teaches Yin Yoga which she complements with live music allowing it to be a vibrational healing session. A class joined by two other musicians to create a journey into stillness and self- discovery.

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Isabelle perrault

4 PM Thursday Sunset Flow & Dinner

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 4pm Thursday

Sunset Flow  & Dinner

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