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The Most Dog Friendly Island

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The community of Roatan LOVES its dogs! Just look around and you'll see them in cafés, restaurants, on the beach or just strolling down the road.

When travelling to Roatan, you'll be delighted to find so many pet-friendly places to visit. The amount of pets that travel with their families back and forth to Roatan on airlines such as West Jet, American Airlines, United, SunWing, etc. is incredibly high.

Travelling with pets to Roatan is easy and having them with you everywhere you go around town is even easier. Dogs are welcome in almost all places throughout Roatan so you never have to worry about leaving your fur baby alone.

Dog Friendly Beaches

While some travel destination spots exclude pups from having fun in the sea and sand, Roatan is so Pro Beach Pup that you'll think you've died and gone to doggy heaven. The dogs rarely cause any trouble with human beach goers - they just want to have fun too! You'll often see two or three furry friends playing along the shore line, having the time of their lives.

FYI - coconuts have been voted almost as high as sticks in the Roatan dog community!

Dog Friendly Restaurants

Many restaurants in Roatan are dog friendly - some even bringing their own dogs to work with them. As long as your fur babies are well behaved, you can bring them with you out for breakfast, lunch or even to your fancy dinner plans.

Dog Yoga

It may go without saying, but yes - they are even welcome to join in on the yoga classes. It's not quite the same experience as goat yoga for example but fun all the same. The dogs usually just hang out in their favorite pose after giving everyone a friendly hello. The yoga classes at Sun Yoga, Unalome Yoga Roatan, etc. are just like the rest of the island - open and welcoming to your pups.

The dogs on the island are just as much a part of our community as the people!

Animal Shelters & Rescue

Since the island of Roatan is full of animal lovers, it also has quite a few shelters and rescues to help with the stray dog and cat population. Many animals get adopted back into the community once they've been treated and loved up. Some get adopted by travellers from the US or Canada and are taken on a little journey to their new home.

Meet Uma, the incredible survivor! She has been rescued and adopted by our fabulous Yoga Instructor Layle. Uma is an old soul in a tiny little body and as cute as a button!

There are also some very loving and knowledgable vets on the island, just in case you need some assistance while you're visiting. They are located throughout the island in West End, Coxen Hole and French Harbour.

How To Contribute

If you'd like to learn more about the animal shelters and how you can help the stray animals on Roatan, a great place to start is with Roatan Operation Animal Rescue - ROAR.

The Island of Dogs

Roatan is a special island for many reasons and this is certainly one of them. If you're an animal lover then you will fit right into the community of Roatan and especially the Unalome Yoga tribe!

If you'd like to book a weekend or longer retreat and would like to bring your fur baby with you, please contact us! We have our own furry friends in the Unalome Yoga Roatan tribe, including Barba Negra, Grey, Bonny, and our newest adopted addition - Jean Nemo Lafitte!

They are ready to welcome you to Unalome and so are we.

Light and Love,

Unalome Yoga Tribe

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