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Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Feeling tight? This might help!

Lower back pain

Lower back pain affects most of us. And if you're not in the back pain club, then our only advice for you is to keep doing what you're doing rockstar!

If you are however, part of the 80% of Americans* who do experience back pain, then this article is for you!

Did you know that while you're reading this, roughly 31 million fellow humans* have back pain right at this moment? We couldn't just read that and not try to help a sista (brotha, cuz, etc.) out!

*American Chiropractic Association

Yoga for lower back pain

Hopefully you've already experienced some of the benefits of practising yoga - it is not a short list by any means. So what do we normally do when we have a crazy long list... Add something else of course! Why not?

Here are some poses that you can incorporate into your daily flow as well as throughout the day. Perfect for when you notice your posture starting to fail! Practise a couple of these poses throughout your work day. Stand up and stretch before getting that next cup of coffee, we promise it'll feel so good.

  • Easy seat

  • Hands over head (standing or seated is fine)

  • Seated twist

  • Cat pose

  • Cow pose

  • Child's pose (all day every day)

  • Side stretch

  • Lunge pose

  • Lizard pose (our fav)

  • Half fold

  • Forward fold (bend your knees a bit)

  • Wide leg fold (relax your neck)

  • Head to knee

  • Knees to chest

We recommend this flow for a healthy spine

We really appreciate The Remote Yogi's flow for a healthy spine. And rather than recreate the wheel, we want to share the beautiful wheel one she's already created!

Book a private session

We hope this helps to relieve some pain from your life! If you'd like to book a private yoga class or retreat to work on your unique pain points, please let us know. We're happy to help you along your yoga journey any way we can. Contact Unalome Yoga Roatan now!

P.S. Keep practising these yoga poses for back pain and pretty soon you could be the beautiful wheel...

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