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Aqua Pranayama

Aqua Pranayama is the coming together of our most basic function - breathe - with a powerful, natural force - water. These two elements in combination create new opportunities for self discovery, self mastery, and overall well being.


Prana is our life force - it is our breathe.  Together with Ayama, a natural, reciprocal loop occurs.


Ayama means extension. Our minds and body are the extension of our breathe.


Apnea, a Greek word which means "without air", is another word for free diving.

Aqua Pranayama conditions our minds and bodies to be in harmony with apnea - not against it.
In the Aqua Pranayama Course, guided by 15x South African Free Diving Champion, Natalie Rudman, you will explore your breathe and it's connection to your mind and body. You will dive deeper than ever before into your relationship with the elements and come out a stronger yet more relaxed being.

Natalie Rudman

South African Free Diving Champion

Free Dive Instructor

500hr Yoga Instructor

Spicy Vinyasa, Kundalini & Yin Yoga

Aqua Pranayama & Yoga


The word Yoga comes from the word ‘Yoke’ which means to Unite or to Connect. Ultimately with Aqua Pranayama we are creating that natural connection.  We are connecting to our bodies, mind and spirit. We are creating a much deeper connection than we are able to experience on a yoga mat in a sterilized ‘yoga space’.

When we come to practice the physical asana’s of yoga it’s important to keep the same presence of mind and awareness of the body that we have in Aqua Pranayama. We can use the asana’s to better understand ourselves and where there may be deep rooted tensions and discomforts in the body. 

Asana practice is extremely important to keep the body flexible and healthy, however, the mind is the greatest tool we have in Aqua Pranayama. The ratio of mental vs. physical is often debated, with a vague consensus that it is 80% Mental and 20% Physical. 

Meditation is therefore more important than any physical practice and I suggest to include at least a minimum of 10 minutes to any daily routine you may have. An easier way to get started with this is by using a mantra Meditation. Using the words 'SO HAM' with the inhale and with the Exhale. We cannot stop our thoughts, but we can learn to observe them and to allow them to pass without being drawn into them.

Included in the

Aqua Pranayama Course

Static Apnea Theory 
Static Apnea Practical
Freedive Theory
Freedive Exploration on the Reef

"As in yoga, these experiences of a more mental and spiritual nature cannot be rationalized. You cannot understand them by reading about them – you have to jump in the water yourself!"

Most importantly, always enjoy your practice. And if you can keep it fresh and interesting by joining classes, workshops and retreats, then this can become a lifetime practice that will never become boring.

Enjoy and have fun with it, in the end it’s just Yoga.


Add the Aqua Pranayama Course to your Yoga Retreat or Book Separately. Contact us to Learn More & Schedule your Course!


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