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The apartamentitio - or little apartment - is ready for your next stay at Unalome Yoga Roatan! A clean, fresh design compliments your yoga journey and invites you to sit in peace on your large private patio, snuggle up with a good book in the hammoc, and enjoy the beautiful views and sounds of nature all around you.


The Apartamentito Is Here For You

A beautiful mix of privacy, peace and connection.

3 night stay minimum is highly recommended to fully enjoy the experience. Send us a quick email to confirm availability, book your stay, and inquire about our Ayurvedic Retreat Packages or Private Yoga Sessions.

Live Well. Live Yoga.

- Unalome Yoga Roatan -

Are you ready to RELAX?

From the second you walk down the steps to the private entrance of “The Apartmentito”, your entire body will naturally relax. You won’t be able to stop it. No matter how strongly you try to hold onto your stress that comes from your regular daily life, you won’t be able to. The Unalome jungle wind will steal it right away from under you before you have a chance to even notice where it went… You’ll only notice that it’s GONE.

Unpack your suitcase, spread out your toiletries, hang your clothes, stack your books, plug in your laptop, put your phone on silent, then shove your suitcase underneath the bed.  
Completely settle into your apartmentito.

Indulge in a hot shower under a rainfall while overlooking the Unalome jungle and Caribbean sea.
Boil yourself a pot of tea while relaxing on the oversized outdoor couch as you completely give into the powerful jungle breeze.

Take a walk through the Unalome jungle property, and let yourself be mesmerized by the tall banana trees, the variety of lizards and birds, and the sheer magic of being immersed in nature.
Prepare your dinner in our brand new, fully stocked kitchen that has every possible amenity you need to make the best & freshest gourmet meal.

Drink straight from the tap, knowing that we have installed a top-of-the-line German manufactured reverse osmosis & UV water filtration system. There is no better drinking water on the island than what comes out of our taps.

That relaxing jungle breeze will follow you into the bedroom, once you’re ready to hit the sack. Curl up on one of the pillow top beds and let your body sink into the mattress as you drift off to sleep listening and feeling nothing but the jungle wind.

Wake up to the sound of nature as you open the sliding door to let your entire body bask in the sunlight that shines straight into the apartmentito.

Make sure you book 2 more days than you had originally planned. You’ll be thanking yourself that you did.

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